Is Golf – a rich man’s sport? This is a question that has been asked for decades. In this article we will look at the game of golf in order to find out why it is mostly enjoyed by those who are wealthy. We will also look at its history to determine if this has been the case since its discovery.

History Of Golf

To adequately answer the question is “Golf – a rich man’s sport? we must first look at the history of the sport. The creation of modern golf is credited to the Scottish in the 15th century. During its early days, the sport was often banned, as it was not only seen as a distraction but it was also considered to be a very unprofitable sport. However, the migration of the Scottish to the Great Britain in the 18th century, spread the game out of Scotland. The 19th century saw the game of golf gain international status having quickly spread through Europe.

Now that we know its history, let us now understand why it is often only played by the rich. Having its origins in Scotland, Golf quickly spread over, but could only sustain and get its foothold in rich countries due to the expensive nature of the game. To better understand this, let’s start with the Golf equipment. If you want to play soccer, all you need is a ball and cleats, both of which can be bought in a cheap street side shop as well. But, when it comes to Golf, you need to wear a proper T-shirt, good looking shorts, shoes specially designed for playing Golf and then comes the most expensive part, Golf clubs and balls (you never know how many would you lose on a given day!). Even if all of these were available at a discounted price, you need to have a membership at a Golf club that has access to a golf course, which can be very costly.

Golf is a rich man’s sport – Other reasons

We all know that Golf doesn’t need extraordinary physical fitness to play. The game is mainly based on a person’s technicality and experience. Obviously, most rich people are old and do not have enough physical fitness to play a sport like soccer. Hence, they opt for golf as they can afford it. Also, there is no competition to enter into this sport as long as you are rich. You can buy your equipment, get your tutor and start having as many practice sessions as possible to get yourself prepared for its competitive version. On the contrary, a young golfer, who is physically fit, but not as rich may not be able to survive.

Another important angle as to why the rich prefer golf is, the game is virtually the safest and the most stylish, compared to most other games. So, naturally, rich people who do not like getting injured on play grounds and who want to look as stylish as possible even while playing often choose golf as their go-to sport. Also, most of the rich and successful people, do not like to lose at someone else’s hands. But, in golf, there is no need to compete with anyone. You can play on your own and compete only on bettering yourself.

Golf - a rich man's sport of the past!

Is Golf really meant only for the rich?

No, not really. At least not in the recent past. Golf – a rich man’s sport, this was an image created by all those advertisers selling costly equipment, but it isn’t the reality. I do agree that most of the golf players are rich, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be rich to be able to play Golf, no. You can find local courses even for $25 to $50. Will it be the same as the Tiger plays? No. But can you have the same fun and game time? Of course, Yes. In places like Uganda, even today, most of the amateur golfers are from poor families. And some of the most successful golfers from Uganda were from poor families too. So, whether or not golf is a rich man’s sport, it all boils down the way one perceives the game.