How do I start playing golf? This is a common question that’s been bugging every newbie golf player since the inception of this great sport. Golf novices tend to be needlessly intimidated by the initial costs and complex rules of this celebrated game. In reality, golf is a fun, engaging and rewarding game. It can be learnt relatively easily given proper motivation and guidance. However, before you can begin to become a golf master like Jack Nicklaus, you first have to learn some basics.

Golf Gear Essentials

Admittedly there’s no simple answer to the burning question of “How do I start playing golf?” Nevertheless, the very first thing you should do is to acquaint yourself with the basic golf gear. There are six main types of golf clubs, including the hybrid variants, and each has its specific purpose. However, as a beginner, you initially should focus on woods, irons and putters. Woods are used for making long distance shots. Irons are used for several types of shots, so if you want to make a medium-distance shot, they’re your best bet. Finally, putters are designed with long flat heads which make them ideal for driving the ball into the hole from the close distance. You can find a used set of golf clubs for a moderate price, and initially, don’t need a complete set.

A Quick Introduction To Golf Rules

With a rule for every possible situation that might occur on the course, it isn’t surprising that even the abbreviated set of golf rules is enough to fill a small-sized encyclopaedia. However, the main goal of the game is simple enough. You have to drive the golf ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. The game is divided into rounds, and you play each hole once, following the correct order determined by the arrangement on each specific golf course.

A typical golf course consists of 9 to 18 holes. When you’re playing an 18 hole course, you’ll drive the ball into each hole only once. If you’re on the 9 hole course, each hole will be played twice. The most important rule you should keep in mind as a complete beginner is to always play the ball from the exact place where it lies. Only in very special conditions are you allowed to move it without a penalty.

Golf Is A Great Sport For Everybody

Golf is no longer considered as the exclusive privilege of the rich and famous. Today, virtually everybody can join a local golf club and enjoy this great game. Although it might seem a bit intimidating because of its complex rules, there is no sport that’s as gratifying to play as golf. Its benefits are numerous. It boosts your general cardiovascular health and fitness level, develops advanced motoric skills, and enhances your social interactions. Try it out today, and you too might become a king of the golf course!

How do I start playing golf? It is not as difficult as you imagine.